ISA – Pagoda – Ice Cream Cabinet

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Pagoda-ARIA-gelateria-ridottaA display case that marks the history of the Italian gelato tradition. It all begins with a new line from ISA: the two-level Pagoda. Design and tradition are fused into a structure that’s concentrated into a single line, giving rise to a unique architectural support. Thus were born the scimitar support elements of the Pagoda series, which have allowed ISA to create a perfect blend of quality, history and technology. The unit exclusively makes use of two fundamental materials, glass and steel, in order to give a touch of elegance and austerity to the design of the locale. Technical characteristics: the temperature of PAGODA ARIA’s lower level can be adjusted from -20°C to +2°C, as can the upper level of the ice-cream version. The Pagoda’s ventilated pastry version, with its “refrigeration management” button, allows the unit to be switched from standard mode to Full mode, whereby the cold air is evening distributed throughout the entire glass structure.