ISA – Gelatomix – Cold Stone

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gelatomix170-grigio-metallizzato-440The GELATOMIX module is specifically designed for working ice cream products, as well as for creating ice cream cups and customizable ice cream dishes. This display cabinet transforms the process of serving ice cream into a true spectacle, rendering the product even more appealing, while creating a direct contact between the ice cream maker and the clientele. This module allows for various appetizing creations to be elaborated upon by scooping the ice cream and adding a wide range of toppings, including sprinkles, fruits and various sauces, starting with a limited number of base products and customizing the creations with style, taste and creativity. The Gelatomix unit features a stainless steel work surface with a chilled marble slab (with drip drains around the perimeter), and is entirely insulated in order to ensure maximum cooling efficiency with low energy consumption. Next to the refrigerated slab, there are two heated cylindrical water bath containers in stainless steel for preserving hot toppings; the side facing the customer is designed to hold a series of “Gastronorm” trays containing all of the other types of condiments (such as fresh fruit, candied fruits, sprinkles, biscuits, etc.). The rear-display area comes equipped with a removable storage compartment and a scoopwash in order to facilitate the cleaning of the work area for maximum hygiene. The possibility of combining the unit with all of the various modules and aesthetic variants allows the Gelatomix to be seamlessly flanked by ice cream display cabinets, providing for exceptional interior design possibilities with highly-original ice cream processing stations. FEATURES:

  • External dimensions (LxWxH) 1700x1208x1372.5 mm
  • 100 cm x 54 cm chilled marble slab raised by 2 cm with respect to the stainless steel work surface, complete with drip drain elements around the perimeter
  • Static refrigeration with an evaporator coil foamed in the walls, in contact with the lower portion of the marble slab
  • Manual defrost
  • Independent refrigeration system with an on-board air-cooled condensing unit
  • Cooled slab insulation system in order to ensure maximum performance and energy savings
  • 2 water-bath heated stainless steel cylindrical containers, 18 cm in diameter, for the storage of hot chocolate sauces or other hot condiments
  • Electronic digital control system for the management of the cooled slab system
  • Electronic digital control unit for managing the temperatures of the heated containers
  • 1/9 and 1/6 Gastronorm trays for toppings, decorations and sprinkles…
  • Scoopwash complete with shower
  • Removable storage tray
  • Back counter plug-in unit with shelves and refrigerated compartments, fully equipped for the preparation and storage of fresh fruit, fresh fruit pieces, retail-ready fruit, yogurt, fruit salads, smoothies, shakes and soft drinks.