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Located within a 3000m2 plant in Codognè, in the Italian province of Treviso, GEMM was launched in 1999 as a manufacturer of high-quality display cabinets and chilled cabinets for the preparation of pizza.

In just a few years, the company not only became a leading name in Italy but also consolidated its position within a
number of export markets. By manufacturing four exclusive ranges of efficient and versatile pizzeria counters, GEMM succeeded in meeting an array of different market requirements.

Today, thanks to a programme of ongoing investment, GEMM has expanded its range of refrigeration equipment to offer
solutions for restaurants and bakeries
, including tables, cabinets, cold rooms and blast chillers/freezers, all of which have
been designed and built with painstaking attention to every detail, and especially to the quality of the finish.

GEMM also now offers a comprehensive range of ambient units for food preparation and, by leveraging the expertise
of its design team, can custom-design special units to meet the individual client’s specific set of requirements.

Since 2005, GEMM has been ISO 9002-certified. All GEMM products are CE-certified and conform to the highest quality standards.

Blast Freezer Series

Topping Counter Series