ISA Infinity RV 130

Isa Infinity RV 130 TN W/Wheels

Tahiti RS 210 TB

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Panoramic island-site case, at Static Refrigeration (RS). Available in two different temperatures: TB for the display ice-cream and frozen food, TN for the display fresh pre-packed products.

Isa Mito Winner LX 16 Air

Isa Fiji RV 120

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Gelato Ice Cream Cart

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ISA Carrettino – Gelato Carts

Gelato Carts / Pozzetti Carts

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isa – Cristal Tower – vertical display freezer

ISA Cristal Tower – Freezer fridge vertical display With an ample display area, visible from all four sides, the Cristal Tower unit exalts the products on display from every point of view. This upright display cabinet is available in two versions: with static or ventilated refrigeration. The display walls are made up of four tempered…

ISA – Pagoda – Ice Cream Cabinet

A display case that marks the history of the Italian gelato tradition. It all begins with a new line from ISA: the two-level Pagoda. Design and tradition are fused into a structure that’s concentrated into a single line, giving rise to a unique architectural support. Thus were born the scimitar support elements of the Pagoda…


BMIX is a counter that’s been designed specifically for the preparation of scooped ice cream dishes. This ISA model features an epoxy powder coated carbon steel base with adjustable support feet. The rest of the BMIX unit is made entirely of stainless steel: in fact, ISA dedicates particular attention to the selection of its materials.…

ISA – Gelatomix – Cold Stone

The GELATOMIX module is specifically designed for working ice cream products, as well as for creating ice cream cups and customizable ice cream dishes. This display cabinet transforms the process of serving ice cream into a true spectacle, rendering the product even more appealing, while creating a direct contact between the ice cream maker and…

ISA – Horizon – Ice Cream Display Cabinet

Horizon is a professional ice cream display cabinet which can be assisted refrigeration with double air flow for perfect temperature distribution. FEATURES: Base and chassis in carbon steel with adjustable feet. Monolithic body insulated with ecological polyurethane (hcfc & hfc free) expanded with Co2 with a 60mm thickness. Internal well finished in polished stainless steel, worktop…

ISA – Kaleido – Gelato Display Cabinet

The Kaleido is the new professional gelato ice cream display cabinet that’s characterized by ventilated refrigeration and dual airflow, for perfect temperature equalization, and comes equipped with an automatic reverse-cycle defrost system. The model features a modern and attractive design, and is internally lit by a triple-LED lighting strip. All of the technical features of…

ISA – Mito

The Mito Winner represents a true revolution in ice cream cabinet technology. Past achievements are of little importance, the important thing is to strive to go beyond. That’s why ISA offers exclusive, high quality materials, combined with the ecological awareness of energy-saving technologies. As unique furnishing elements designed for extraordinary locales can only be born…

ISA – Gelato Super show – Ice Cream Cabinet

The GELATOSUPERSHOW represents the evolution of ISA’s GelatoShow model. This innovative model provides for new and updated standards with respect to the generic features that have rendered the previous version so popular. Thanks to its superior and elegant design, the Supershow display cabinet will not go unnoticed: its marked and decisive contours render it more…