Silikomart offers a wide range of stylised and innovative products. Functional, pratical and aesthetically pleasing, these products are sure to satisfy the requirements of all those that love to cook. Silikomart products differentiate themselves in the market by their stylised design and their reputation for the highest quality silicone, all with the MADE IN ITALY seal of approval. The usage of silicone affords excellent results and notable advantages. Thanks to its resistance, stability and thermic flexibility, all products can be used in temperature ranges between -60C and 230C. Moreover, silicone is an elastic and non-stick material which does not age over time. From the very beginning, Silikomarthas focussed on the vision of offering to its clients a product of the utmost quality. For this reason, all production rigorously adheres to the principles of MADE IN ITALY and utilises the highest quality commerical silicone: 100% liquid platinum silicone. This is a material of the highest quality, perfectly suited for culinary use and completely taste and odour free. In comparison to other silicone types, platinum silicone is the purest and is capable of guaranteeing the complete food friendlyness of the product. Silikomart pays great attention to to quality control in order to always guarantee a completely trustworthy and fully compliant product to its customers. Safety, quality and functionality united in the extraordinary design of the product renders Silikomart as the true specialist of confectionery, ice cream and catering silicone. Over the years, our business has always invested and believed in research and development in order to offer new products to our clients to provide ideas and support all cookery lovers and those exploring this new world. Today Silikomart holds two patents: the SAFE RING, a fibre glass ring designed to provide additional stability to the mould and STECCOFLEX, a technology focussed specifically to create ice cream on a stick using silicone moulds.